Dujon 181/87


A humble Libra from New York who strives for greatness. However, not from NYC, there is more to the state of NY then Manhattan and the 5 boroughs. Land of apple pie and pizza by the slice, fallen leaves that float in the breeze.

As for my personality I am often ready and willing to do crazy things, half the reason I’m currently in Taiwan. What started as a three month trip through Europe to Thailand has turned into 2 years of being abroad. I may not be rich with money, but I have a fortune of experiences with more to come.

As for my likes, I’m fond of outdoor activities and dancing (salsa, bachata, swing, blues). I like to sing like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, also I love Disney songs. So come with me on a magic carpet ride and do more than you could ever dream of.

Suitable for: Boy toy for the day, #boysfriendsofinsta (Rookie photographer), coach.

Service : Online language communication


愛演戲與台灣傳統八大酒店傳播伴遊的屬性不同,假如您有需要應徵八大工作或找傳播哥伴唱、傳播妹伴遊、酒店KTV坐檯陪酒、多元性外送茶產業、外約外送茶以及男女公關伴唱等八大傳播服務內容,會建議直接洽詢臺灣各地八大酒店工作的PM專業經理,或在地GTO群組詢問派工會比較快速也比較便宜。愛演戲的臨演夥伴以素人OL與STU為主,因此所有的Cosplay(コスプレ)角色扮演活動區域以台北、台中、高雄等都會熱區與交通方便的公開場所為主,不能搭乘私人車輛、也不能在KTV包廂或酒店及私人住宅場所內進行角色扮演活動RP(Role Playing),又稱為角色扮演遊戲RPG。



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